nWave Pictures Distribution is proud to present this Educator’s Guide & Activities for use in conjunction with the release of “Hurricane 3D”, the giant screen film produced by Jacqueline Farmer, and directed by Cyril Barbançon, Andy Byatt & Jacqueline Farmer. The curriculum content in this Guide is consistent with both U.S. National Education Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards and includes classroom activities for students in grades K-8, with complete units for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

Educational Objectives

  • To introduce students to the natural phenomenon that is the subject of the film Hurricane.
  • To inform students about the ways to track and predict hurricanes and learn what to do to protect oneself.
  • To make students aware of the impact hurricanes can have on the natural world, both good and bad.
  • To educate students about hurricane history.

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A Word From the Filmmakers
Beyond the question of where hurricanes strike, we wanted to tell the tales of the wind.
To speak of winds beyond imagination. To understand the stress of waiting; the relief of the near miss. We wanted to observe the fragility and resilience of nature, to discover what the mightiest weather system on earth means to all those who live beneath its shadow. To be there at the heart of the storm, in the eleventh hour, when the deepest fears are faced, when hope, somehow, despite everything, survives.

Cyril Barbançon, Jacqueline Farmer and Andy Byatt